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Top 7 Hanson Songs

When the music feels like this...
In honor of the fact that I'm seeing Hanson in concert tomorrow for the seventh time since I first discovered them in 1997, my top 7 favorite Hanson songs!

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To do!

First semester of grad school is over! Now I can actually do all the stuff I've needed to do for a month now, but haven't been able to. Things I need to do:

1. Clean. OMG. The apartment is a mess. Cleancleancleancleanclean.
Living Room Done. Lightbulbs changed! Bedroom Done.

2. Load For the Win onto e-reader and do some pleasure reading for once. After this, browse netgalley for more.

Tyger Tyger looks promising. Galley requested.

3. Get ready for ice cream party at rehearsal Saturday. Consider Guinness Ice Cream with Bailey's whipped cream. (Jameson chocolate sauce?)

4. Finish modding Simon's X-box.
Verbatim CD's received.

5. Sell books back. Get $50.

6. Check grades compulsively.

7. World domination.


Party! (With IrishMix2010)

wench it baby!
It's that time of year again! (Of course, I'm working again, so I'm in the wrong town for any of the awesome festivities, but I think maybe I'll have another virtual party here instead. Same rules apply!

Post music, videos, beer recs, dirty limericks, whatever. Give me pictures of the green you're wearing today, the beer you're drinking, or the way you're celebrating (or not) the day. Spam me until the snakes come back to Ireland!

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RIP: Kage Baker

Hero: broken
Kage Baker, author of The Company series, has passed away after a battle with cancer. I just discovered her last year, and now I am absolutely heartbroken that there will be no more.

Quick poll!

House: snarky and brilliant.
Poll #1519686 Is Boolean still in?

Do you use Boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR) when searching for information?

Yes, all the time!
Yes, but only in research databases.
...I had no idea that's what those were called.
ticky box!

It's that time again....

Costuming and SCA folks! Can you point me in the direction of anybody who's made crispinettes before? I was given the middle lady in this picture as an example for desired headwear this year, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that's not just a circlet with a snood attached, but crispinettes. I see here that they can be made out of plastic boning wrapped in ribbon, but I think that would be more conducive to the bigger ones, and I'd prefer to not look like something out of Katamari Damancy. :)


Dear capt_amos,

Happy Birthday, Handsome.




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